BE YOU: Discovering the Authentic You—Unleashing the Power Within (Virtual Coaching)

You grow and learn to thrive in four intelligences: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Relational Intelligence (RQ), Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and Inclusive Intelligence (iNQ)

 BE YOU is where you build REAL momentum, take MASSIVE action, and break through your limitations to create the life you were born to live! 

11 monthly payments of $150.00 USD 




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BE YOU: Discovering the Authentic You—Unleashing the Power Within (Online Course)

In this online coaching course, the coachee will learn strategies and tools for achieving breakthrough success and unleashing their inner potential and power.  This coaching process is designed to be one of the greatest opportunities on the planet to understand your life values, inner fears, and insecurities as a human being which hinder your leadership.  During the coaching process, you will discover the obstacles, both from outside circumstances and within yourself that have been holding you back from the joy, vitality, passion, and fulfillment you’ve always craved and perhaps only hoped to achieve. 

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TotalSDI Assessment and Debrief Mastermind (Virtual)

If you embrace the differences of your work colleagues and staff members by seeking to view these differences as strengths, you can help people maximize their strengths within their specific roles for the overall success of the organization. SDI also provides a strategic framework for hiring, managing relational conflict, talent development, and your internal promotion process.

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BE YOU: Leadership and Life Coaching Mastermind

BE YOU is loaded with the personality and strength assessment and resources to help you achieve your life purpose and overcome limitations holding you back from becoming that person you’ve always wanted to be!

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Love Beyond Race and Culture

How to Love Beyond Race & Culture enables us to show our affection and build bridges beyond races and cultures. It walks us through the biggest challenges that we face in human interaction and guides us to transform them into opportunities of diversity.

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CQ Assessment and Debrief Mastermind (Virtual)

This Debrief Mastermind under our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging suite of courses will enable you to develop and function effectively across various cultural contexts (national, racial/ethnic, organizational, generational, and subcultures) with greater cross-cultural awareness, confidence and strategic decision making. The Mastermind will also help you address and process current realities that divide societies racially, socially and politically.

$149.00 USD 

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eBook: CQ - The Third Option

Through this eBook, we will help you "turn darkness into light, evil into good, good into great, hate into love, and division into unity." I want to invite you to create your own legacy embracing a greater variety of cultural identities while skillfully bridging the gap between the differences.

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Renáta Sas Corner

Global Trainer and Instructional Resource Developer


Do you feel stuck? Do you feel that an idea is nagging you? You know what you should be doing, you might even know how to do it, but you just can't manage to get started. We are all faced with these situations and the most frustrating part is that paying attention to them drains our energy, so we end up being tired and overwhelmed at the same time.


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Ride the Fear to the Life of Your Dreams

Do you get up in the morning with a nudging idea of what you could have been doing? Are you using the phrases "in another lifetime"? Did you settle for your current situation just because society told you "to be grateful, it could be worse"? But you actually feel that you could be doing so much more and so much better.

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The Creative Power of Your I AM

Join our empowered lesson where we use research-based techniques and step by step approach to leverage the relationship between your thoughts and language.



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The Myth of Risk

Have you ever felt tired by all the options that you might have? When and how will you ever choose the right one? Are you suffering from decision fatigue? You would like to do so much more, but with low risk. You like to keep it steady because it's comfortable... for now. Risk is not a thing to avoid, but the sooner you learn how to manage risk, the better for you.


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Problem Solving (From the Inside Out)

What usually happens is that we commit to our thinking whether it serves us or not. This is the main reason why so many people experience several problems in the same time. Learn how to change your mindset to a Solution Based Thinking Frame that you can apply anytime, anywhere once you learn to master it.

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