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BE YOU: Discovering the Authentic You—Unleashing the Power Within (Online Course)

How You Benefit:

In this online coaching course, the coachee will learn strategies and tools for achieving breakthrough success and unleashing their inner potential and power.  This coaching process is designed to be one of the greatest opportunities on the planet to understand your life values, inner fears, and insecurities as a human being which hinder your leadership.  During the coaching process, you will discover the obstacles, both from outside circumstances and within yourself that have been holding you back from the joy, vitality, passion, and fulfillment you’ve always craved and perhaps only hoped to achieve. 

You grow and learn to thrive in four intelligences: Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Relational Intelligence (RQ), Cultural Intelligence (CQ), and Inclusive Intelligence (iNQ)

 BE YOU is where you build REAL momentum, take MASSIVE action, and break through your limitations to create the life you were born to live.


What You Get:

  1. Coaching Questionnaire
  2. Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0 Assessment
    1. Motivational Value System (MVS) Review
    2. Conflict Sequence Review
    3. Strengths Portrait
    4. Overdone Strengths Portrait
    5. Identifying the MVS in Others


  1. Life Focus Plan
    1. Life Values & Anti-Life Values
    2. Power Virtues
    3. Mission Statement
    4. Evaluate and Develop Your Life Worksheets
    5. The Integration Process


  1. CQ Assessment and Workbook, CQ Your Bias Workbook
    1. Recognize Your Cultural Values
    2. Understand Cultural Values Biases
    3. Manage Unconscious Bias and Develop Inclusive Intelligence
    4. Review CQ Scores
    5. CQ Development Plan


Price: $279.98


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