Managing Unconscious Bias

Training using

Cultural Intelligence


 Develop practical tools that will increase your cultural awareness and bust implicit bias practices

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 Improve personal well being of employees

 Increase effectiveness to lead multicultural teams

 Increase awareness to challenge everyday biases

Make Bias-Busting  Strategic Decisions










Here's the Problem

Unconscious Biases erodes your company culture

Bias is inevitable; if you have a brain, you’re biased, everyone has unconscious biases. While we cannot easily change that, we can make intentional choices to manage the ways these biases have an impact on our behavior and decisions. You do not have to behave in a biased manner.


What if you were equipped to address, uncover, and remove cultural biases that hinder your workplace culture?

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Managing Unconscious Bias using Cultural Intelligence



This training is designed based on extensive research to equip individuals to manage their unconscious biases with Cultural Intelligence.  It also builds on leading practices that offer practical and real-world solutions for disrupting bias and minimizing the impact. 





What's inside the Unconscious Bias Training?

See what you will be equipped with when you sign up for our training!

  • Acquire greater self-awareness of motivations, strengths, and an understanding of how they are perceived by others and thus develop more effective relational skills.


  • Have a deeper understanding of unconscious bias and ways to disrupt bias for organizational and community unity.


  • Be able to apply bias-busting cultural intelligent decision-making.


  • Develop organizational systems, structures and practices that manage the effects of bias


  • Possess greater effectiveness in leading multicultural teams.


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