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How to Love Beyond

Race & Culture

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How to Love Beyond Race & Culture takes an interdisciplinary approach towards exploring how culture influences our perception of love

Understand the True Meaning

of Love

Love is a powerful emotion that is universally understood by multiple languages. However, Love is more than just a romantic emotion experienced with a significant other. Understanding the Power of Love can strengthen how we build up or communities

  •  Know how Love is expressed across cultures through guided exercises
  •  Deep dive in the historical context of love and how it impacts our society
  •  Redefine your worldview of Love and it's relationship with divers members within your community

What's Inside Love Beyond Race & Culture Course?

How to Love Beyond Race & Culture is a self-paced, online course that will highlight four concepts of love and how to apply that in your community.

  • Traditional Love - Be able to breakdown, analyze, and build up the concept of love simplistically!
  •  Social Love - Practical tactics towards expressing love in our society
  •  Cultural Love - Understand the symbols, definitions, and meanings of love across cultures 
  •  Self Love - Analyze how we understand and internalize love to express that towards others
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