​Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Develop a Culturally Intelligent roadmap integrating CQ strategies with your organizational culture, vision, values, and talent development

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Increase your teams

DE&I initiatives

 Be equipped to engage cultural conversations

Positively shape your Company Culture


These are the times you need a Culturally Competent consultant to come alongside you to help you uncover the path to mission success

Sometimes you need fresh, well-experienced eyes to separate the good opportunities from the best opportunities. Sometimes you need someone from the “outside” to help you identify and pursue your top priorities, while saying ‘no’ to good things. Sometimes you feel like you’re up against a brick wall and don’t know where to turn. 


3CP | DE&I Consulting

Let's Design your

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


 3CP comes alongside establishments and organizations to help you continue your progress in acquiring and building greater cultural intelligence, diversity and inclusion from your top staff or top management to every employee or member. 

  •  Define or refine your team's DE&I initiatives
  •  Infuse your DE&I strategy into your organization's long-term strategic plan
  •  Receive a customized, high quality, and value-added solution that increases cultural intelligence throughout all departments

3CP Consultation


With our consultation agreement, here is what we will develop with you

  • DE&I Clarification
    Define or Redefine your organization’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives
  •  Customized CQ Strategy

    Receive a customized, high quality tactics that will increase your cultural intelligence

  • The CQ Framework
    Navigate the 5 phases of Cultural Intelligence for full organizational integration
  •  Guided Long-Term Planning

    Effective & Certified CQ trainers assisting you to build your CQ Investment

Work with 3CP

3CP helps you increase your teams effectiveness through Cultural Intelligence. 
With our expertise, experiences and resources, we are dedicated to helping you achieve business results:
  •  Cultural Intelligence assessments, tools, and facilitation
  •  Core strength-based resources 
  •  Customized coaching and consulting to assist with your desired goals

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