Love as a Human Universal

Jul 28, 2021

Love is usually known as a romantic term. We are loved and love our entire lives from being children, growing up, and getting old. Love accompanies us all in such different shapes and forms that one can only wonder What is Love? 


In our freshly launched course called “How to Love Beyond Race & Culture” we tackle the subject of Love in its Traditional, Social, Cultural, and Self form taking a deep dive into every one of them to shed some light on such a beautiful and not easy to understand concept due to its numerous variations across cultures and time. 


You might have heard or read about The 5 Love Languages developed by Gary Chapman in his book with the same title. Here he defines 5 forms of manifestations in romantic relationships, such as words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time and acts of service. Based on his research these are the most common and practiced types of what we offer and would like to receive in our relationships. 


From a cultural perspective, there are so many symbols and meanings that we attach to the concept of Love. Some of them are widely advertised (for example Cupid, or the shape of a heart), but others are specific and their meanings might vary across cultures (for example maple leaf or even an apple). 


Now, during our online course that you can take at your own pace, we unravel some of these symbols and variants in a cultural context. 


The first chapter includes approaches to love, the definition of love, understanding of love throughout cultures, and the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman. The main benefit is that we created activities that are specially designed for you to gain a deeper understanding of your own patterns and methods to apply the information. 

This is more than a practical course, this is the research-based way to work step by step on your concept of Love. 

Course info & Enroll today:


Renata Sas
Author: Renata Sas
3CP Global Trainer and Instructional Resource Developer

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