Torin Perez

Sep 01, 2021

Torin Perez believes that everyone has the potential to work in leadership if only they are offered the opportunities to develop the skills that are needed to lead with confidence. As a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant, Torin Perez works to inspire more inclusive leadership and authenticity within workplaces across the country. Today we’re going to introduce you to Torin Perez and share with you how he’s impacted our culture with his work.

Who is Torin Perez?

Torin Perez primarily works as a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant and aims to increase awareness about inclusive leadership and authenticity in workplaces. Perez has received much attention over the past year, being featured in Forbes, Culture Amp, and speaking with TED. He offers transformative learning experiences to individuals across the country and the world, speaking at academic institutions including Harvard and Stanford and at world-famous companies such as Microsoft and Cisco.

Perez began his leadership journey in 2005 when he was awarded the Posse Foundation’s leadership scholarship. From there, he was also selected to be part of StartingBloc’s Social Innovation Fellowship and the One Young World Ambassador program. During his career, he’s also published the book Who Am I to Lead? The World Is Waiting for You. His writing can be found in various publications, including the Leader to Leader Journal and the Workforce Solutions Review.

While working at Bloomberg LP earlier in his career, Perez co-led the launch of Bloomberg’s first Black employee resource group, as well as being part of their award-winning advertising sales team. He was noticed by the company’s Head of Diversity & Inclusion for his contributions to the company, and this inspired Perez to use his voice to further inspire the world. This led him to work at DreamAfrica as their first global product evangelist and then be selected for the TED Residency’s inaugural class. Perez now owns his own company and was recognized by his college, Lafayette College, as an alumni Changemaker in 2020.

Torin Perez’s Career Highlights

As you can see, Perez has led an exciting life so far, with a varied career that has strived to focus on improving diversity awareness, inclusion, and equity within companies. Today, he continues to inspire companies to consider their culture and has spoken to over 60 colleges and companies to this date. Perez is known for being a powerful speaker, and we encourage you to view his TED talk to learn more about his motivation for his work. He used his storytelling ability to get the start-up company DreamAfrica noticed, sharing his vision for more people of color to be respected in the media. He encourages companies to think about offering more inclusive storytelling and to dream bigger about what they can achieve and the audience they can attract.                

One of the highlights of Perez’s career has been working with the TED Residency program, where he empowered twelve leaders to improve their speaking and storytelling skills, resulting in their talks being accepted for In 2015, he became one of the first Gallup-Certified Strengths Coaches in New York City, and he uses this training and his past experiences to inspire others in their careers. He partners with forward-thinking companies to try and create more inclusive learning experiences which focus on race, privilege, authenticity, and leadership. With high positive feedback rates over the years, working with Perez always proves to be an excellent choice for companies within any industry who are striving to improve diversity awareness, inclusion, and equity.


Who Am I To Lead? The World is Waiting for You by Torin Perez

Torin Perez’s Who Am I To Lead? The World is Waiting for You is an insightful book that became an Amazon bestseller in May 2018. It encourages leaders to solve problems and create positive change and is broken down into bite-sized essays that are easily digestible. The book explores the mindset, actions, and impact that leaders can have and encourages leaders across the country to think about their way of working. Whether you are starting your leadership career or are just looking to improve your leadership skills, it’s an insightful read for anyone to pick up.

Torin Perez’s Impact on Our Culture

Torin Perez knows first-hand that racism is a huge issue within workplaces and communities in the US. He encourages people to #Move4Justice and take action from where they are currently. Offering a wide range of resources that individuals and companies can draw upon, his website offers you the tools you may need to strive to become an antiracist. Every day he believes we all need to fight for justice and never stop moving towards this goal.

During his career, Perez has changed the status quo within many organizations, helping them to become some of the top places to work in the country. He aims to inspire managers and leaders to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, instead of neglecting it like so many companies still do. This is something that we believe should be at the top of your business priorities and that even one or two individuals can be the force behind making great changes. Whether you are looking to enjoy a long-term partnership or a short training session, you’ll find Perez offers opportunities that are suitable for any type of organization. He will help you to foster a more culturally competent leadership style and create great changes within your organization that will impact your employees for many years to come.

Torin Perez is an excellent example of an individual who is striving to make huge changes within organizations across the country. He knows that every organization should be considering diversity and inclusion more seriously and empowers leaders and managers to foster a more welcoming culture within their organization. We highly encourage you to check out his TED talk and his book, both of which will inspire you on your journey to create a more inclusive environment. It’s important to know that you can make changes at any point within your company culture, and with Torin Perez’s help, it’s never too late to make an impact within your organization.

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