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Rather than focusing on WHAT we do, the SDI 2.0® helps us understand WHY we behave and HOW we relate to each other. Using Relationship Intelligence (RQ), the SDI 2.0 provides a common language for understanding what’s important. 

Relationship building is more than a soft skill, and the SDI 2.0 plays a direct role in helping us relate to others – building our ability to improve dialogue. 

With a focus on our Motives, the SDI 2.0 provides a critical connection to a key leadership skill – the “art of influence.” It is easier to communicate with and influence someone when what’s important to them is understood. This insight helps you choose the best approach for engaging people whose thinking and behavior appear much different from your own.

The SDI 2.0 Assessment

The Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) 2.0 is now a single assessment that

produces four interrelated views of a person:

3CP - 3rd Culture People: Workshop


Results through Relationships

Crack the code of your team's different communication styles to effectively navigate team dynamics

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Dive into the Results Through Relationships


The Results through Relationships workshop 3CP Trained and Certified Facilitator uses rich visuals to graph relationships and create candid discussion. This visualization is powerful. With a clear view to one another’s core motives, including how those motives change in conflict, teams can chart the interplay of their relationship dynamics and create an action plan for addressing a real-life challenge the team faces.

This open, positive communication and planning allows teams to leverage the different perspectives at the table and de-escalate conflict.

  •  Master strengths – Learn how to express views and be heard by people whose motives are different from yours. Choosing the right strength for the moment changes everything.
  • Correct perceptions – Understanding why people focus on particular issues helps develop the ability to listen and incorporate multiple points-of-view to the benefit of group decision-making.

  •  Stay focused on what matters – In high-stakes situations, substantive discussion can quickly shift into personal attacks. Learning how people react to conflict and identifying warning signs early keeps conversations productive.
  •  Embrace differences – Gaining perspective on what motivates your leader and other members of your team embed a culture of appreciation, which increases individual commitment to achieving shared outcomes.

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