Developing People and Culture Through Relational Intelligence

Understand motivations and emotional intelligence (EQ), maximizing the strengths of your team for greater cohesion and productivity

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You are a leader at some capacity, that is why you are here today

Unfortunately, leadership skills do not come automatically along with a new department, job title, or promotion—leading others well is something that takes intentionality, hard work and continual growth.

Statistics show that


of staff turnover could be avoided with better leadership


Poor leadership can cost the typical company up to 7% of their total annual revenue


Improved leadership can eliminate the 5-10% drag in productivity that many organizations are operating with


of staff quit because they don’t feel empowered by their leader


In a company of 250 that has 25% of its staff leave each year, with an average turnover cost of $5500 per staff member, this equals an annual turnover cost of $343,750!

Source: Leadership Headquarters

In addition to emotional and cultural intelligence, another area that leaders- or influencers- must develop is their

Relational Intelligence (RQ)

Relational Intelligence (RQ) is the ability to connect with others of different backgrounds, generations and value systems.

What Motivates You?

At the heart of your work culture, everyone (including you!) are motivated by certain things. Images of power or money may come to the forefront of your mind, however, extensive research by the creators and developers of TotalSDI (Strength Deployment Inventory/Core Strengths, a leading emotional and relational intelligence tool taught in a 3CP Relational Intelligence course) identified three primary core motivations for all humans, believing that everyone has a combination of these three motivations at the core of who they are and all they do. These three core motivations are:

Performance-Based Motivations

Tend to be assertive, direct and value winning, success and achievement.

Process-Based Motivations

Tend to be analytical, methodical, value policies, independence, order, planning and certainty.

People-Based Motivations

Are primarily motivated by the welfare, support and protection of other people, they value meeting the needs of others above everything else.

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Each person within your organization, including yourself, is driven primarily by one or two of these motivations.

Think about yourself for a moment; do you find yourself driven to accomplish goals and feel most fulfilled when you are seeing progress (Performance-Based)? Do you tend to like order and steps when you are given a project to work on (Process-Based)? Perhaps you are the person who is always looking to include others and make them feel part of the larger group (People-Based). Knowing which is the primary motive(s) for each of your coworkers/team members will accelerate progress and diminish conflict.

If we embrace the differences of our work colleagues and staff members by seeking to view these differences as strengths, we can help people maximize their strengths within their specific roles for the overall success of the organization. We can even have a strategic framework for hiring and your internal promotion process.

Leaders who thrive, exceed goals and create change are leaders who are self-aware of their own core motivations, and the core motivations and values of others. But being aware of the diversity of others’ strengths is only the first step, we must then be intentional about using those strengths to progress the organization’s vision forward.

Change is constant in today’s workplace and change communication must focus on effectively engaging people in the process. You need to know what’s important to others within the workplace and how to channel those values and strengths to achieve the organization’s goals.


1. How can you as a leader ensure that you are helping others bring their best effort, talent, and creativity to your organization each day?

2. Every organization has processes and procedures- how do you know who is driven at their core by a Process-Based motivation that will help accelerate the growth and progress of your organization or department?

3. Since each member in your organization is diverse, how can you leverage the diversity to the overall goals of the organization?


  • When you are in a meeting do you focus on process, numbers, steps, and details? Use your skills to serve your team- pursue positions and roles where details are important.
  • Do you work best with people? Build on your people skills- pursue being in charge of events, parties, and activities that require collaboration, mentorship, or onboarding of new colleagues.
  • Are you laser-focused on getting the project / task done? Use your motivation and focus to help keep the team accountable and on track to accomplish their goals and maintain a standard of excellence in the process.


We can help. Attend a 3CP Relational Intelligence course and learn about the hidden component to all of this — Motivation. Motivation affects everything; how you prioritize, what inspires you, how you communicate, how others see you, and how you manage conflict. Knowing how motivation impacts your work can lead to greater awareness of yourself and others, more perceptive feedback, and clarify expectations about work roles and relationships.

Through 3CP’s Relational Intelligence course, you will gain new perspectives and understand how others view you and what is expected of you; you will acquire invaluable insights for any organizational role. 3CP Relational Intelligence course can help you discover satisfying, meaningful work — right where you are.

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