Cultural Intelligence Coaching for Corporate Executives

Helping Corporate Executives and High Potential Managers Grow, Change, & Thrive through Cultural Intelligence

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Focused Goals

Clear Mission & Vision

Effective Strategies

Learn more about our 4 Step Coaching Engagement Process

  • Step 1

    Complete the CQ and Diversity Awareness Team Training

  •  Step 3

    Begin CQ Coaching for Corporate Executives/High Potential Managers


  • Step 2

    Complete the Managing Unconscious Bias, Equity, & Inclusion Team Training

  •  Step 4

    Engage in a Global Immersion Trip to a 3CP Partnering Location Overseas


Executive Coaching powered by Cultural Intelligence

Experience organizational transformation through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Consulting and Training

  • Global Approach

    We train your human resources team/execs/middle level managers on how to address Cultural Intelligence

  • Engaging Conversations

    We liaise conversations about race between C-level executives and your people.


  • Effective Tools

    We provide business owners with mechanisms to address DE&I that won't compromise their bandwidth.

  • Strong Confidence

    We minimize your fears or lack of knowledge about race relations in the workplace


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This coaching is for you if you serve in these roles:


Corporate Executive & High Potential Managers

Management & Executive Teams

Medium-Large Size Business Owners

Individuals seeking Certification in CQ

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