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Our Mission

3CP exists to help organizations build diverse, equitable, and inclusive communities through Cultural Intelligence where every member experiences acceptance and belonging, and gains competence for greater innovation, productivity, and profitability


Our Core Competencies


We inspire Businesses, Organizations, and Institutions to possess a mindset and posture that embraces all of humanity as an asset to society.


We equip Executives, Leaders, Managers, and Employees with CQ skills and competencies through assessment, training, and post-training consulting and coaching.


We develop Third Culture People who retain a heightened awareness and intelligence about embracing and bridging differences in ethnicity/race, culture, religion, gender, generation, orientation, and socio-economic status wherever they go; they celebrate culture, treasure culture, and respect culture for more effective cross-cultural relationships.


We deliver organizational unity, enhanced job performance, cultural intelligent decision-making, and global success in ethnically and culturally diverse communities.

About Us

We are a team of culturally intelligent leaders who want to see every person's identity honored and included within the workplace and all communities!

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Effective CQ Transformation

Is An Infusion Process

Over 700 Individuals

10+ Years Experience

25+ Nationalities Impacted

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